Body Buliding

What Happens To Our Body When We Work Out?

We all know that working out is good for our body. Most of us also believe that our body will change immediately after a day or a week once we work out. Well, that’s not the case. Our human body is a complex machine. Our body goes through a lot of changes while we exercise.

Work Out

The following are some of the things that happen to our body while exercising.
  1. Increased heart beat rate.

  2. Muscles tear.

  3. Faster Digestion.

  4. Mood Elevation.

  5. Different Brain Functioning.

Increased heart rate:

When you first start to exercise, you will feel that your breathing level has increased thus making your heart beat faster as your heart pumps in the oxygen to the blood and this blood goes into your muscles. 

Let’s say for example you start exercising by running on a tread mill for 2 miles, your breathing increases making your heart beat faster; this does not happen when you continuously run for 2 or more miles for a month or so. Where your body gets adjusted to the exercise, you do, and your heart beat is much slower for the same speed and time you first started out.

Muscles tear:

Have you ever started out a working routine and unable to move when you wake up the next day? There is a good reason for this; your body is sore because it is trying to repair the muscles you had torn during the workout. When you keep working out your muscles, keep tearing, and your body continues to repair those muscles; This is how your body bulks up when you work out. It might be very unpleasant during a week or two where you have to walk around with your torn muscles which can be a bit painful, but when you start to work out continuously, you might not feel the pain as you felt while starting out.

Faster Digestion:

Exercising can help you if you are feeling constipated. Working out can help your digestive system to function better as it speeds up the process of food going through our body. There are less water absorption and quicker digestion.

Mood Elevation:

Our mood elevates as we exercise, people who work out are found to be happier than the ones who don’t. As you work out to get stronger and your heart gets stronger thus making your veins more elastic and pumps blood to your muscles in a much easier way; this lowers your blood pressure and thus making you feel lighter and happier.

Different Brain Functioning:

When you exercise, your brain starts to function better. With the increased heart beat, the blood flow to your brain will increase. Your body also releases hormones to make the cells in the brain to grow better. Thus helping your brain to remember and learn better.

Burning calories:

By working out, your body burns out more calories every day. The more muscle we grow, the more calories we burn out; this can make us feel hungry more often, so during this time make sure you eat clean so you can get to your goal weight.