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Tips to strengthen your hands and increase your wrist mobility!

The strength of your hand is very much important as you carry out all your activities with hands. If your hands are not strong enough then there will be problems in doing even simple work and basic exercises. Like spine is your body, so his wrist to your hands. The functions of your fingers depending on the mobility of your wrists. But most of the times we fail to take care of our hands and wrists. We do not give them the required exercise so wrist mobility issues arise when you lift or carry heavy objects or when your hand is in the same position for a while. To fight these problems off and to get stronger hands and better wrist mobility, here are few tips: 

Train your hand to work more: 

Practice can change the way things work. Gradually increase the speed of things you do. Prolonged work can irritate your fingers and wrist. Here you are working more but you are doing it as quickly as possible. This reduces the strain of working. Your hands change positions swiftly and thereby you don’t go numb. 

Make sure your hands work out every day:  

Every day as a part of your workout routine ensures that you wrists work out. Take up exercises that have something to do with hands. It increases your palm grip and strengthens your arms. 

Change the way you work out: 

Go on with the same set of exercises that you do every day but just change the way you are doing it. Alter the position of your fingers in push-ups and pull-ups. By doing so, you will be able to amazingly improve the strength of your hands and wrists 

Take breaks: 

When you feel that your hands have worked more than enough that day, then take a break. A quality break in between tight schedules is very much important. Because way too much of working and exercise can also weaken your nervous system which is not what we want. So do not hesitate to take a break while you work, it maintains the strength of your hands and helps your wrists function better. 

Take care of your hand positions:  

Your hands can be in an unhealthy position at times. This usually happens when your focus is completely elsewhere, like when you are sleeping or watching television. Your wrists can go through a lot of pain and suffocation and finally at one point it can go numb. So have a check on the position of your hands while you are asleep or awake. 

Keep these tips in mind and follow them regularly.