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Get to a healthier place at Norcalfit! Our friendly, professional staff is trained to help you along your fitness journey, no matter how much support you need. Membership at our club includes a free, no-pressure fitness consultation, complimentary group exercise classes, global access to more than 3,000 gyms, and always open 24/7 convenience; all in a welcoming club and supportive member community. Let’s get started! Visit during staffed hours or call for an appointment today!

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Fitness Conusltation

Through a short survey, conversation and a movement assessment, Our team will prescribe the perfect program to get you started and on track to meet your fitness goals.

Member’s Badge

Rates subject to change according to location of the club and current promotions/offers.

Personal Training

Personalized workouts with a certified personal trainer designed to make you stronger from the inside out.

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Creatine is a compound that is made in our body when we eat meat products. The Creatine changes to phosphocreatine which serves as a storage reservoir for APT. Creatine helps to build lean mass and generate burst power. Creatine can be found in food like beef, chicken, fish, etc. Creatine is also produced naturally in the body by the liver. It drives muscle contraction by fueling ATP.  ATP is Adenosine tri phosphate which is high energy molecule with three strongly bound phosphate molecules. When a phosphate breaks loose, the energySEE DETAILS

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